Meat Retail Prices

Meat Retail Prices



We also have a Beef Bundles which includes:

4 – Chuck Roast
1 – Arm Roast
10 – packages of Ground Beef
6 – Tenderized Ribeyes

Estimated Cost: $120.00

Sale Beef 1/4, 1/2, or whole. Call for pricing.


We also have a Pork Bundle which includes:

5lb – Pork Chops
5lb – Pork Steaks
6lb – Sausage
6lb – Pork Burgers

Cost: $40.00

Meat Retail Prices for Half or Whole Sale Hog $1.50 or less. Call for pricing.


Deer left after February 28th will be donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger.

*Meat Retail Prices includes Skinning, Deboning Steak & Roast, Vacuum Packed, Boxing & Freezing

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